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The ‘Buffing Makeup Brush', my new best friend!

If you know anything about me then you'll know I absolutely love testing new products! Recently I purchased the Real Techniques starter kit which contains 4 brushes. It includes a buffing brush (for blending foundation), a flat foundation brush, a small flat concealer brush and finally, a dome shaped blusher brush. All the brushes are synthetic and you can expect to pay around £17.99 (Amazon) for the set.

I was very excited to try the brushes straight away.  It was a case of finding the right makeup products to use with the relevant brush....and I wasn't disappointed!

They all served their purpose but for me the one that stood out the most was the buffing brush. I just love the feel of the brush on my skin and the effect it achieves (use circular motions across you face and your foundation will take on an almost ‘airbrush look’).  Out of all the makeup brushes I’ve tried over the years this one really impressed me and for that reason it will remain part of my own kit for a very long time.

It's an odd thing being a makeup artist sometimes. I use totally different brushes to apply my own makeup than I would for doing my clients makeup. This brush however will work great for both scenarios and that is a bit of a first for me!

The brushes have been designed by YouTube sensation Pixiwoo, who know a thing or two about makeup so quality is guaranteed. I have recommended this set of brushes to numerous clients as I feel it is a great starter kit. And at such a reasonable price, I don't think you can go wrong!

Until next time!

Sheelagh x