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Smokey Eyes

This is a slightly longer than usual makeup tutorial on how to create the perfect 'smokey eye' for a special occasion or night out. Step by step guide to the various products I have used and the best way to apply them.


Airbrush Foundation and Blusher Application

During this video I explain why I use an airbrush to apply the base products and show you how it is done and how the skin looks afterwards. Celebrities use it but not all makeup artists can do it. I can and during this video I explain why. This technique involves applying your makeup via an airbrush to give a flawless and weightless finish which requires minimal ‘touch-ups’ throughout the day.



Skin Preparation before a Makeup Application

I am often asked the question 'How can I ensure my makeup lasts all day and doesn't crease by mid-afternoon?'. This next video that I recorded will explain the importance of preparing the skin and how it can help your makeup stay in place all day/evening.



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Makeup is something that most women wear every day, and because of that it is easy to get stuck in a rut with your makeup routine. Sticking to what you know and wearing the same look every time is something most women are guilty of.

How To Choose The Correct Foundation.

I get asked this question A LOT! First of all you need to answer a few questions:
What are your main skin care concerns? (E.g. Ageing, oiliness, dry skin).
Have you dry or flaky patches on your skin? Yes/No (If yes, your skin is more likely to be dry or dehydrated).

Skincare For Men

Looking after your skin should be a daily ritual, just like hitting the gym or eating your five servings of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you’re following the right skincare rules and stop following bad skin habits!
Start Your Day with a Splash

How not to get ripped off at the beauty counter…

As a makeup artist I am often surprised by the number of people who have been mis-sold products from large department stores. For some, this can prove extremely expensive and it upsets me greatly when I have to tell them they’re using the wrong products!

Here’s how makeup products should be sold in department stores

Statement Lips

Statement Lips
You may have noticed that bold lipstick is everywhere at the moment. A bold lip is the in thing for 2013 and has been seen on many celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Taylor Swift, Liv Tyler and Rihanna to name but a few. 
Wearing a bright lipstick is a great way to change and update your look and will cheer you up no end during these cold wintery days! 

Video Shoot

I was very excited to get the opportunity to record some video tutorials recently. I met the lovely Mat and Adam from MakeItMedia and we all got on so well from the very beginning. They understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and spent lots of time explaining things to me and editing until I was happy with the end result.

This is my first video and it explains the reasons why I feel it is important to book a professional makeup artist for your wedding day. I will now let the video do all the talking! I do hope you enjoy and watch out for more videos over the coming weeks.

Madness at Makeup Headquarters!

Crazy Week!
So it is Sunday and I am finally getting around to updating my blog. What a week it has been. My new website went live, I shot my first batch of video tutorials, did four makeup applications, two bride makeup trials, a wedding and I got a PB in a 10k race!
I am so thrilled with all the positive feedback my website has had so far. Thank you so much to Andy Larkum from ADL Consulting who has worked very hard on my new site. I am sure he was just as delighted to work with me (!!!!).