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Bridal Makeup Specialist

I have been a makeup artist since 2005. My career started at Champneys Springs Health Resort as a ‘Finishing Touches’ expert where I was responsible for Makeup Applications, Makeup Lessons/Demonstrations  and St Tropez spray tanning. 

As a consultant for The Perfume Studio, I also created bespoke perfumes for the residents and guests that came to stay at the resort. This experience gave me a great head start to becoming a bridal makeup specialist. The level of customer service I achieved and the standard of treatments I had to deliver set me in good stead! 

When I started my business in April 2006 I did so on a part-time basis and slowly built it up to the business it is today. With business increasing every day I took on Jane Calderwood to help me manage the growing number of bridal enquires.  Together we now cater for more brides in the Midlands than was previously possible.

I have reflected recently on what makes a good makeup artist; you may think it is all about the makeup! Of course this is super important, that’s my skill after all, but I have been asked to do many other tasks on the day of a wedding.  To show you just some of the additional (and somewhat random) jobs I get asked to do, I’ve compiled a list below!

1. Pinning flowers to Mum’s and Dad’s wedding outfits

2. Looking after a young (very excitable) puppy!

3. Dressing a disabled granny……!

4. Sewing a bridesmaid into her dress!

5. Tying ribbons and bows to the bridal car…..and very badly I might add!

All of these experiences add to the day and I know the bride and their family are always very grateful. For many families this is the first wedding they have hosted and they don’t always know how to deal with certain situations. This is where my experience (and initiative) comes into play. I have opened many bottles of champagne and not smashed any windows so far….! 

Bring on the next wedding I say, it is the most wonderful environment to work in and I love every minute of it! 

Until next time.

Sheelagh x