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How not to get ripped off at the beauty counter…


As a makeup artist I am often surprised by the number of people who have been mis-sold products from large department stores. For some, this can prove extremely expensive and it upsets me greatly when I have to tell them they’re using the wrong products! 


Here’s how makeup products should be sold in department stores


Firstly, a sales advisor should ask you several questions before they decide (or tell you) what you need! Questions like…

  • What are your main skin care concerns?
  • Have you dry or flaky patches on your skin?
  • Does your skin get noticeably shiny or oily through the day?
  • Does your skin feel tight after washing it with water?
  • Does your makeup last all day? 
  • Do you suffer with regular breakouts?

Once you’ve been asked these pertinent questions your makeup adviser should have a good idea of your skin type and the products that would suit you best. 


One of my biggest bugbears is people being given the wrong colour foundation. Here’s what you should be looking out for… 

  • Did they test the colour on your cheek or jawline in natural daylight?
  • Did they clean an area on your check/jawline before testing?
  • Did they try 2 or 3 colours to ensure they got the perfect match for your skin tone?  It should 'disappear' on your skin if the correct colour is found. 
  • Did they choose a formula based on your skin type and achieve the result you are looking for e.g matte, hydrating etc.

If after your consultation you are not 100% happy with the look they’ve achieve or the advice given, don’t be afraid to walk away.  You may feel bad at the time, but you could potential save yourself a small fortune!


One final tip – aim to use anti-aging skincare products from around the age of 25. This may seem unnecessary at such a young age but this will help protect your skin from the damaging effects of the environment and the pollutants we face daily. You might thank me in years to come for this advice! I am definitely grateful my mum plastered me in P20 as I was growing up.  Thanks mammy!

Until next time......

Sheelagh x 

P.S. One of my most popular services is individual makeup lessons. During these sessions I help my clients use their existing makeup correctly or suggest better alternatives.  To find out more click here.