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I fake you?

I am always on the hunt for great fake tan and I found one recently on a trip home to Ireland to see my folks. I had a night out planned but had not had time to go and get a professional spray job done so I went off to my local chemists to see what they had to offer. I was a little blown away by the choice available. I didn't want to spend an extortionate amount as I knew I would have to leave it behind me (due to cabin baggage restrictions!). I spoke to the girls in the chemist and they directed me straight to Cocoa Brown (by Marissa Carter) This is an Irish brand so of course I was happy to support. 

As I was limited on time I needed an instant colour. They advised me to go for the 'Night & Day Tan Mousse' as I would see an immediate result for that night and once I showered the next morning I would be left with a lighter more natural colour that would last up to 5 days, perfect! With purchase in hand (plus their tanning mitt) off I went home to get ready for my night out. Here are the results.





Next day (after shower):

As you can see the colour was really good for the night out but much more natural the next day. Overall I was really pleased with the result and the application was pretty easy too.

Until next time!

Sheelagh x


P.S I have since bought this tan again on for just £7.99 delivered.