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The official start to the wedding season starts in earnest for Leicester brides!

2012 has already started out as an incredibly busy year, not that I’m complaining, but sometimes I wonder how I’m going to fit everything in!

The countdown to the Olympics is ticking. The wedding and birthday invites are flooding in and my bridal makeup dates are filling up! Some of you may have already attended your first wedding of 2012? Or perhaps you’re saying ‘I do’ this year? Being a leap year, marriage proposals soar as women take on the responsibility on the 29th of February.

As a wedding makeup artist, Leicester based, I am quite savvy to some of the most beautiful venues in the county. I absolutely adore Stapleford Park. The house and the grounds are stunning and the wedding party have a wonderful time preparing for their big day at this stately hideaway. This venue has had some incredibly high profile celebrities stay, such as Michael Jackson and Peter Crouch who married Abby Clancy in June 2011.

Wedding season is incredibly important to me. I love preparing brides and their bridal party for their big day. There is nothing more satisfying than making my brides feel like a princess, turning heads as they walk down the isle. I travel around Leicestershire and East Midlands, attending to the cosmetic whims of many excited brides.

I'm constantly on the lookout for new cosmetics and new looks for bridal makeup. Last year we loved the Royal Wedding and coooed at Kate Middleton. Current trends in wedding makeup and hair tend are still leaning towards the more natural look, focusing on the eyes.

Armed with my box of beauty tricks, I offer pre-wedding makeup consultations so that my brides and their bridal party are confident that they will look and feel beautiful on their special day.

It's going to be a busy year, but I am really looking forward to it!

Bring on the brides of 2012!