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Makeup on the go..

A while ago I was on a motorway exit slip road and looking in my rear-view mirror I was horrified to see the lady behind me plucking her eyebrows in the visor mirror whilst driving! This got me thinking about how important women feel it is to look their best at all times and how (being multi-taskers!) we manage to fit our beauty regime around our hectic lifestyles.

Being a makeup artist I can never be seen in public without my makeup on.  This means I will always have my emergency makeup kit with me wherever I go. I know many women feel the same and don’t feel properly ‘dressed’ if they haven’t had time to apply their makeup. Does this sound like you? Have you ever resorted to applying your makeup ‘on the go’ just to ensure you look your best when you arrive at your destination?

I often see girls on the train or tube touching up their powder or lipstick, and know of some regular commuters who use this time to create their makeup look before getting to work. Good on them I say – why get up half an hour early when you have a tedious journey ahead of you where you could use the time effectively?! Let’s face it, besides social networking there’s not much else you can do on a train or bus (unless you’re a workaholic?). Now if you’re driving, that’s a different story – I do not condone applying lipstick whilst tootling down the motorway! 

Liquid eyeliner on the move

How many of you would attempt applying your liquid eyeliner on the move?

Well, if you’re actually moving, i.e. in a car or on the bus/train/tube, then I strongly advise against it. Any sudden movement could leave you looking like Marilyn Manson so beware – don’t say I didn’t warn you! Kohl pencil is a much better option.

This begs the question; do you have an ‘on-the-move’ makeup bag?

Some people like to carry their entire makeup bag around with them ‘just in case’ (I have a friend who does this!).  Others have a handy kit of essential items that stays in their handbag at all times.  I’d like to share with you the contents of my ‘on the go’ makeup kit and hope it might help you when you’re on the go:

  • 4 lipsticks (minimum) – I am a big fan of bold lip colours so tend to have around three bright lipsticks and one neutral colour in my bag on any given day.  If this is too much to carry, get yourself a handy dispenser box that will do just as well.
  • Lip brush – always best to use one of these to apply your lipstick.
  • A pressed powder compact – to ensure I remain shine-free throughout my busy working days
  • A lip balm – this keeps my lips soft and moisturised so my bright lipsticks can look their best at all times. I love Eve of St Agnes lip balms, made locally and all organic, perfect!
  • An eyeliner – just in-case I need a top-up.
  • A HD Brows pencil – I love HD Brows and stick to a rigorous regime to ensure my eyebrows are always in great shape.
  • A mirror – no girl’s makeup bag is complete without one!

I tend to do a quick touch-up of my makeup when out and about between jobs and just before going into a business meeting or meeting clients. If you work 9-5 then lunch times and bathroom breaks should provide the perfect opportunity to check your reflection!

You’re running late, you have 5 minutes to apply your makeup, what do you do? 

Top tips for make up on the go 

We all do it.  We switch the alarm off by mistake instead of pressing the snooze button.  Panic sets in but you can’t walk out without your face on!

For starters, I always recommend that you have a tinted moisturiser in your kit (you can’t go wrong with two products in one) for occasions just like this.  Follow this with a bit of eyeliner on the upper and lower lids from the mid-point to the outer corners (which you can then smudge with a brush or cotton bud for a softer look).  Then a quick coat of mascara, eyebrow pencil, a slick of lipstick and some blusher/bronzer, et voila!

Your look is complete and you’ve just got time to run to the bus stop – don’t forget to put your makeup ‘touch-up’ kit in your handbag before you leave though!