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Makeup On The Go!

Are you one of those girls who applies their makeup whilst travelling by car/bus/train?  Or, always running late and only got 5 minutes to do your makeup?

If you are, then I’d love to know what your essential routine is!  Would you attempt liquid eyeliner!? Are you a ‘just get on the basics’ girl or a ‘can’t be seen without full face on’!?

For me, I can’t leave the house without at least my eyebrows done. I have recently started having personal training sessions at a local fitness studio and I haven't managed to go completely makeup free yet. What's with that!!?? I figure that because I work hard when I'm there, I’ll be sporting a red face and sweaty body – therefore a cover-up is essential.  It’s terrible really because if you feel confident in yourself then it shouldn’t matter what you look like, right?

Anyway, for those of you who are always rushing out the door, my handbag contains a small, but essential, travel makeup bag. In here, I carry the following products:

  • A pressed powder (for quick touch ups during the day). I'm currently using one from Sephora
  • Lipstick (I could lie here and say I only carry one lipstick but the truth is I probably have at least 4.........ok, maybe 6 tucked away in there!). Mostly MAC lipsticks too.
  • Concealer.  You never know when a little blemish might rear its ugly head! I'm using a concealer kit from Soap and Glory at the moment and really love it.
  • Perfume, I always have the cutest 5ml bottle of my favourite perfume with me. A handy addition to my makeup bag.
  • A comb, I hope I don't need to explain this one!
  • A lip balm. Some days I don't feel like wearing lipstick so I'll opt for a nourishing lip balm instead. My favourite is from Eve of St Agnes - made locally in Derby. 

I once lost my makeup bag and was totally distraught.  Seriously, I was! Thankfully, I retraced my steps back to a charity shop where I had been earlier and there it was. Funnily enough the young girl complimented me on my choice of lipsticks.  I just smiled and said 'I know a good makeup artist'!

As regards doing my makeup whilst on the go, I'm not going to admit to dangerous driving here but, I have certainly applied my lipstick whilst stopped at the lights from time to time!  Tut, Tut! 

Until next time!

Sheelagh x