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Makeup Tools.....


I meet a lot of women who struggle to achieve their desired makeup look and who are amazed at what can be achieved by a professional. The secret to a professional look is… down to the tools you use! Yes, professional training, experience and technique count for a lot, but if you use the correct makeup tools you’re already half way there.


I specialise in airbrush foundation, which is fantastic, but it is a strictly professional method of application. For the next best thing at home, use a brush specifically designed for the application of foundation. These are fairly flat and reasonably firm brushes, with a rounded end. If you usually blend your foundation with your fingers, you will find that using a brush gives a much better and more even finish. To avoid a heavy build-up of product around your hairline and jaw, foundation should be applied from the centre of your face, sweeping out towards the edges.


There are so many women out there that have not yet discovered eyeshadow brushes. Yes, it’s true and if you’re one of them, please go out and buy one or two to try. I promise you’ll never look back! The tiny sponge applicators that come with many eyeshadows are fine for getting the powder from the palette onto your eyelid, but they don’t do much more than that. 

Using an eyeshadow brush gives a much more even application of colour as you sweep it over the eyelid and allows you to blend. For a professional look it’s a must to blend your eyeshadow colours together, to give a soft look. This is very difficult to achieve without the use of a decent brush.

There are many eyeshadow brushes available on the high street and some of these are described as ‘blending’ or ‘eye contour’ brushes. These are great for blending in a stronger colour to the outer corner of your eyelid. 


If you usually apply your lipstick straight from the tube or ‘stick’ you may have noticed that it’s difficult to get an even, neat application, especially with bold colours. You may also have noticed that your lipstick doesn’t last very long. If you use a lip brush you will no longer have these problems! 

I would recommend the use of a lipliner prior to lipstick application.  This provides an outline and keeps your lipstick ‘contained’ to prevent smudging. Then use a specialised lip brush to take the colour from the stick and brush onto your lips. Once your lips are coloured, blot them and apply a second coat of colour. You’ll notice that your lipstick looks neater and will last a lot longer. 

These are just a few tips but I really can’t stress enough how using good makeup tools really plays a huge part in the finished makeup look and the longevity of your look. 

You may think some of your products were wasted purchases as they are not achieving the look you wanted with them.  Use them correctly and you might find you can achieve  that professional makeup look that has been eluding you to date! 

Have fun experimenting and please contact me if you would like to book a makeup lesson to learn more.  You can even have a practice with some of my specialist tools!