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My work as a makeup artist is not just about skincare and makeup. I love testing new hair care products also. I need to present myself well and hair care is a big part of that too.  I have spent some time looking for an excellent hair solution/treatment and recently tried Moroccanoil. I had read many reviews about this product and decide to test it out.
After a lot of web browsing I found it at the best web price from Amazing Hair, delivery was really fast with exceptional customer service. When I want something, I have no patience so I was really pleased with this service!
I run and swim several times a week so I wanted a product that was going to nourish and protect my hair. The chlorine can really damage my hair. My hair is very long so I was becoming concerned about the condition of my hair. I could see the difference after the first use. My hair is much softer and looks glossier. It doesn’t feel as dry either. In fact I just spoke to my sister on Skype and she even commented on how nice my hair looked today. That can’t be a bad thing!
I will definitely continue to use this product at least once a week to boost my hair and give it a little more vitality!