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Not just a Makeup Artist.......

Have you been watching 'How Not to Age' on Channel 4? This is a relatively new series that is braodcast every Wednesday evening. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the 'sometimes dubious' and painful treatments that are available to the nation! But skincare doesn't have to be painful.

Have you noticed your skin aging as you get older? Here are 8 signs to look out for:

1. Fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Discolouration of the skin.

3. Uneven Skin tone.

4. Hydration levels reducing.

5. The natural 'glow' or radiance is reduced.

6. The skin structure is changing.

7. Pore size increasing.

8. Skin feeling and looking less smooth. 


My job as a makeup artist is not just about applying great makeup, I am very passionate about skincare too. I love to help my clients find a routine that works for them. Your regime doesn't have to take hours a day, nor does it have to be 'painful'. I have a quick morning routine and a cleanse/tone/moisturise routine at night. I exfoliate twice a week as my skin is more dry, (do this once a week only if you have more oily/combination skin). I leave my Nu Skin Gentle Exfoliant in the shower and use this when my hair conditioner is doing its job! Once a week I use my Nu Skin Galvanic Face Spa, this takes just 15 minutes and the results are fantastic. Clean, fresh, hydrated skin.....just what the doctor ordered! 

At 37 I have noticed my skin becoming more dry and the start of fine lines around my eyes. Taking additional care of my skin has made a huge difference and is well worth the effort. Isn't it better to prevent the signs of aging appearing in the first place?  I certainly believe so. It is much more difficult to reverse the signs so don't leave it too late! Do you really want to stick needles in your face? Personally, it's not for me!

I would love to help you find a routine that suits you and your skin. Please don't hesitate to drop me a line with your skincare questions. I am more than happy to help!

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I am off to cleanse/tone and moisturise!

Until next time.....

Sheelagh x