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Skincare For Men......A Few Simple Steps Is All You Need!

Skincare For Men.

Looking after your skin should be a daily ritual, just like hitting the gym or eating your five servings of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you’re following the right skincare rules and stop following bad skin habits!

Start Your Day with a Splash

Wash your face every morning with a glycolic face wash. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells so your skin looks fresh. Don’t use an exfoliating scrub daily, though - you want to do that only once or twice a week to prevent it from irritating your skin.

Slather it on

Always finish cleansing with a moisturiser to lock in hydration. Choose a water-based moisturiser if your skin tends to break out so that you don’t promote greasiness. At night, you want to use an age-defying moisturiser. (Yes, even if you still have your dazzling good looks!) Look for a moisturiser that contains retinol. This produces collagen to keep your skin looking younger. Simply apply it before bed and let it work its magic.

Fight the Sun

Don’t skimp on the sun protection before heading outside. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF15 that will guard your skin against UVA and UVB rays. Remember you need a stronger number if you’re spending more time outdoors.

Make Eye Contact

Don’t forget about the skin around your eyes! It’s delicate and needs to be looked after well as it reveals signs of ageing much quicker than the rest of your face. Eye cream should be applied daily. Choose an eye gel instead of a cream if you get bags under your eyes. The formulation is lighter and narrows blood vessels so that skin looks more luminous.

Get a Close Shave

You might need to replace your razor if you don’t have a product that’s a double or triple razor. These cause less irritation on your skin. Use shaving cream before you shave your face but if your skin gets razor burn you want to opt for shaving gel instead as this prevents it. Always shave your face after or during a shower so that hairs are softer and easier to eliminate. Finish by splashing your face with cool water, using a non-alcohol aftershave, and sealing in moisture with a moisturiser.

Lose the Bad Lifestyle

Alcohol and cigarettes are no-no’s for the skin! Alcohol makes capillaries under the skin dilate, causing redness and flushing. This can become chronic. As for smoking, it narrows the blood vessels, preventing oxygen and nutrients from getting to your skin. The result is that your skin looks dull and ages faster.

Get Moving

Here’s another good reason to get your body moving: it helps to open your pores, releases toxins through sweat and keeps your blood vessels working efficiently. Getting regular exercise also tones your muscles and skin, so that it looks firm and healthy.

Looking after your skin doesn’t need to take hours every day, simple daily habits will work towards achieving healthy skin. Start by introducing one new product into your routine, once this becomes a habit you can then introduce a new product. I would advise to choose products from the same range as they will work together better to give you a great result!

Until next time…… Sheelagh x


(Guest post from Cassie Brewer, Blogger)