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Statement Lips

Statement Lips.

You may have noticed that bold lipstick is everywhere at the moment. A bold lip is the in thing for 2013 and has been seen on many celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Taylor Swift, Liv Tyler and Rihanna to name but a few. 

Wearing a bright lipstick is a great way to change and update your look and will cheer you up no end during these cold wintery days! 

Red is the key look this season for lips and matte colours are where it’s at. Red lipstick has never really dated and has always been associated with glamour and sex appeal…think Marilyn Monroe. Wearing a red lipstick completely transforms your look and gives you a really polished finish with very little effort – you don’t even need to wear eyeshadow; just black eyeliner and a slick of mascara will do!

Look at Gwen Stefani, she’s been wearing red lipstick for years and is never photographed without it – it gives the impression she has really worked hard on her look every day and is always well groomed. 

Many people are afraid to wear red lipstick as they think it might not suit them…well let me assure you there is a shade of red out there waiting for your pout! It’s important to get the right shade to suit your skin tone - as a rule, cool skin tones suit shades with a cool undertone, such as blue or purple and warm skin tones suit shades with a warm undertone, such as coppery or orangey reds. If you’re still unsure, go and test a few in a department store or get advice from a makeup artist.

If you’re still not sold on red, any colour will do as long as it is BOLD! Try a hot pink, or a loud orange colour and remember that bold lips always work best with understated eyes. 

If you’ve never worn a bold lipstick there’s never been a better time to try out this on-trend look. It’s amazing how much more confident, sexy and assertive you can feel, just by changing your lipstick shade. Believe me, you’ll never look back!