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What Kind of 'Makeup Girl' are you?

Maybe it's down to the friends we hung out with at school, our role models, or maybe even our mums, but it seems that we all fall into one of a handful of categories when it comes to our make-up routines.

Do any of these sound like you?

  1. The 'same make-up every day' girl
    It takes a lot to shake you out of a fairly modest, no fuss, weekday make-up routine. Maybe you just wear lipstick, or maybe just mascara, a bit of concealer or lip gloss. Less than five minutes in the morning is all the time you spend on make-up - and by the end of the day no-one would know you were wearing any.
  2. The 'go all out at the weekend' girl
    Weekends are for partying and you can't wait to pour a glass of wine, put your favourite music on loud and indulge in a lavish getting-ready ritual which includes full make-up from foundation right through to false lashes. It takes you at least 30 minutes to apply and there'll be regular touch-ups to your lipstick all evening. If it's a late night you might even roll into bed with your make-up still on (Naughty, naughty!).
  3. The 'I'm sorry - I haven’t a clue' girl
    You've never been confident in applying make-up and don't have the courage to experiment with new products. You are not sure what colours suit you and whether you're at work, home, holiday or on a night out you always look the same. You do sometimes envy other girls you see with immaculate make-up - but you really don't know where to start.
  4. The 'glamorous, always perfect' girl
    The thing you dread most is being caught without full make-up. Whether you are nipping out to Tesco, going to the gym, going to work or walking the dog your make-up is always immaculate. For a special occasion you can even crank it up another notch and you're not frightened to wear bright colours and experiment. You LOVE make-up and trying new products.
  5. Whichever category you fall into, there is usually room for improvement. Maybe you are storing up future problems for yourself by not cleaning or protecting your skin well enough; perhaps you are missing out on help and advice that could make you feel more confident, or maybe you could save money and get better value by making wiser make-up buys?